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    • Keeping Public Power Protected from Cyber Attacks

      The threat of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure is a hot topic in the news right now, but cybersecurity has been on the radar of the American Public Power Association for several years. We recently conducted a series of “table top” exercises with public power utilities across the country to jump start discussions among members on cybersecurity issues. The consistent feedback we heard from these workshops is the need for more guidance, more training, and for additional resources to help address the evolving threats. Continue Reading

    • The State of Public Power Leadership

      Sue Kelly’s speech at the 2017 National Conference in Orlando lays out the important work ahead for public power utilities in advocating for key issues, providing innovative services to keep up with customer expectations, and building relationships within their communities. Continue Reading

    • Employee Groups Foster All-Round Growth

      Learn how the Omaha Public Power District implements employee groups to advance the company’s most valuable asset, its people, which in turn helps them be a stronger resource for the company, the community, and fellow employees. Continue Reading

    • FCC Activity Watch: Electric Utility Pole Attachments

      Andrew Wills, director of government relations and counsel at the American Public Power Association, summarizes the latest activity regarding a petition to the FCC that could impact regulations on utility pole attachments. In particular, he notes how comments on the petition reflect different concerns from state and local governments, electric utilities, and telecommunications companies. Continue Reading

About Public Power

Public power is a collection of more than 2,000 community-owned electric utilities, serving more than 48 million people or about 14 percent of the nation's electricity consumers.

Public power utilities are operated by local governments to provide communities with reliable, responsive, not-for-profit electric service. Public power utilities are directly accountable to the people they serve through local elected or appointed officials.

More information on all public power utilities is on the About Public Power page and in the Public Power Annual Directory & Statistical Report.

About the Association

The American Public Power Association was created in 1940 as a nonprofit, non-partisan organization to advance the public policy interests of its members and their consumers, and provide member services to ensure adequate, reliable electricity at a reasonable price with the proper protection of the environment.

Policy positions emphasize the importance of hometown decision making that puts customers first and ensures a stable supply of electricity while protecting the environment. Since two-thirds of public power systems do not generate their own electricity and instead buy it on the wholesale market for distribution to customers, securing competitively priced and reliable wholesale power is a priority.

Learn more on the About the Association page.