DEED/EPRI: Public Power Electrification Opportunities to Enhance Commercial and Industrial Productivity and Efficient Residential Electric Options

June 5, 2014

2 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern time

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Webinar Description
Commercial and industrial (C&I) enterprises, including public institutions are facing intense pressure to increase productivity and reduce operating costs without compromising quality of production or service. In many cases, electrification – i.e. the application of novel, energy-efficient electric technologies as alternatives to fossil-fueled- or non-energized-processes – can boost productivity, reduce energy intensity, lower operation costs, and enhance the quality of service to the enterprise and the customers that it services. Additionally electrification may generate substantial emissions reductions that may benefit both the customer and the public. Examples include non-road electric vehicles and materials handling equipment, electric heat pumps, plug-in electric vehicles, and electric process heating.  Further, the use of electric technology options is not limited to C&I applications because residential technologies based on heat pump technology and other options are good choices as well.

In this webinar EPRI will share several case studies highlighting the results of public power utilities who assisted their C&I customers with electrification for the benefit of all parties. Additionally, EPRI and DEED are exploring the possibility of collaborating to conduct research in this area.  DEED members are encouraged to listen in and offer input on the potential development of a how to/best practices guidebook on electrification potential and other potential research outputs in this topic area.    

Thomas Reddoch, Senior Technical Executive, Power Delivery & Utilization, EPRI
Allen Dennis, Technical Executive, Energy Utilization, EPRI

How to Participate in the Webinar
This webinar is restricted to APPA members.  DEED members may register at no charge. NON-DEED, APPA utility members may register for $89.00.  Check here to see if your utility is a DEED member. If you need assistance with registration, please contact APPA's Web Department at

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A word about EPRI:
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