DEED/DSTAR: Best Practices Guide to Preventing Copper Theft

May 21, 2014

2 to 3 p.m. ET

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Webinar Description:
Program 14-7: Survey of Best Practices for Copper Theft Deterrence
Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, resists corrosion, and is highly ductile and  malleable.  Because of these properties, copper is an ideal choice for operating a safe, reliable, and efficient system. But there is another, not so good side of this choice. The global demand of copper has increased substantially over past several years leading to a steep rise in the price of copper. Evidence suggests that the high price of copper fueled by the slumping U.S. economy has resulted into an increase in copper theft events, creating a huge problem for many utilities. This webinar will discuss a recently completed white paper on best practices for utilities to deter copper theft. To develop the best practices guide, DSTAR conducted a literature review on alternative/solutions to this problem and overall industry best practices, and surveyed its member and non-member utilities on their best practices.

Suresh Gautam, Senior Engineer, GE Energy Consulting, DSTAR

How to Participate:
This webinar is restricted to DEED members, APPA utility members and DSTAR members. NON-DEED, APPA utility members may register for $89.00.  Check here  to see if your utility is a DEED member. If you need assistance with registration, please contact APPA's Web Department at

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About the DEED-DSTAR collaboration:
Distribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research is a consortium of electric distribution utilities and utility organizations that collaboratively sponsor near-team, pragmatic distribution R&D. Its goal is to sponsor research that can be applied readily to everyday system design and operation and maintenance activities. DSTAR, similar to the DEED program, leverages funding for innovative electric industry research and development in today’s competitive utility environment. All research activities are envisioned and directed by DSTAR member utilities. Research typically includes equipment testing and product evaluation, niche software for standards and engineering support and whitepapers and reports on pressing industry issues. DEED joined DSTAR in 2010. Through its membership ALL APPA members may access current DSTAR research, Program 13 and 14, from the DSTAR page on the DEED website.