OSHA 1910.269 and Subpart V

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently updated the 1926 Subpart V (construction) 1910.260 (General Industry) standards for Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution and Electrical Protective Equipment. 

Updates on this topic will be posted here as they become available. 

2013 Safety Awards of Excellence

The 2013 Safety Awards of Excellence recipients were announced on April 7, 2014, at the annual Engineering & Operations Technical Conference in Oklahoma City, Okla.

2013 APPA Safety Awards of Excellence Recipients

2013 Safety Awards Recipients Press Release - 115 Utilities Awarded for Outstanding Safety Practices (4/7/2014)

APPA Safety Awards of Excellence Rules and Regulations

APPA Safety Awards of Excellence: A Guide to Correct Entries for Electric Utilities

APPA Safety Awards Statistics

APPA Safety Manual - 15th Edition

Placeholder - MiscThe APPA Safety Manual is the premier source for safety compliance information for all utility employees, and we are proud to offer the revised 15th edition. This updated version continues to use a user-friendly format, revised to follow current OSHA and NESC standards. This manual can be used to make sure all areas of your utility are meeting the latest safety standards. This edition has a new section on substations, and an appendix with additional information on safety topics. Revised sections in the manual include: updated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines, including clothing requirements, with special focus on less than 1000 volts, a revised wireless electronic devices section, with sample utility policies for cell phone use, and an updated CPR/First Aid/AED section.

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Index of Changes in the 15th Edition

Safety Resources

The APPA Safety Package, a comprehensive kit to help your utility maintain a safe working environment, includes one each of the following: full set of SafetySmart DVDs, the current edition of the APPA Safety Manual, FEMA Guidebook for Public Power ManagersTeam-Driven Safety Management, and the Security Checklist & Guidance Manual. These items can also be purchased separately.  

APPA's Safety Smart video series is a package of eight safety training programs for electric utilities. 

Team-Driven Safety Management is a four-part manual with chapters on performing safety and accident inspections, conducting effective training, and preparing safety and health-related policies, procedures and programs.

For more inofrmation about these and other safety resources from APPA, visit our online Product Store.

Compilation of Near-Miss Forms and Policies

Workplace hazards are ever‐present and a part of the daily job of a utility worker. From casual cutting to fully geared linework, hazards pose a significant amount of risk. Utility workers spend considerable time briefing and training to mitigate the everyday risks and hazards of work. However, at times it can be hard to know where simple safety improvements can be made. A good way for any utility to make this determination is by employing near‐miss forms. Near‐miss forms can also help to target safety trainings and tailgate talks.

Near-miss forms can be a great way for a utility to improve its safety program. Download this report to see some of the forms other utilities are using to record near-misses