Press Inquiries:
Meena Dayak, (202-467-2948) Vice President of Integrated Media & Communications
Tobias Sellier,
 (202-467-2927) Director of Media Relations & Communications

Nathan Mitchell, (202-467-2925) Director of Electric Reliability Standards & Compliance
Allen Mosher, (202-467-2944) Vice President of Policy Analysis

Will Coffman, (202-467-2939) Senior Government Representative
Joy Ditto, (202-467-2954) Senior Vice President of Legislative & Political Affairs

Physical Preparedness:
Mike Hyland, (202-467-2986) Senior Vice President of Engineering Services
Puesh Kumar, (202-467-2985) Director of Engineering & Operations

Website and Administrative:
Forrest Sholars, (202-467-2959) Government Relations Coordinator

Recent News

Cybersecurity and Physical Preparedness Committee

Created in 2013, the Cybersecurity and Physical Preparedness Committee is a group of APPA members designated by geographic, size and asset diversity that advise and aid APPA staff, each other, and other APPA members in addressing issues related to cyber-security and physical preparedness, including legislation, mutual aid, and presidential executive orders, among others. Several staff from each utility member participates in CAPP, including CEOs, government relations staff, operations staff, public affairs professionals, and those with specific cyber and physical protection expertise.

Learn more about CAPP.

APPA works with utilities, state associations and joint action agencies on mutual aid efforts. More than 2,000 utilities have signed a mutual aid agreement that addresses coordination with federal government agencies during widespread power outages.

Learn more about Mutual Aid.