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Electric Vehicles

As more electric vehicles come onto the market, public power utilities are planning for how to incorporate customers’ charging needs into their community electricity infrastructure. From setting up public charging stations to exploring options to encourage customers to avoid charging during peak load, APPA is helping public power utilities innovate by sharing case studies, reports, and information through the Public Power Forward initiative. Join the Public Power Forward member listserv to discuss EVs with your colleagues. APPA utility, state/regional association, joint action agency, cooperative associate, community choice aggregator associate, and federal agency members can join the Electric Vehicle Interest Group (EVIG). Contacts on this list will be notified of quarterly EVIG webinars, future EV working groups, and other EV related opportunities as they arise.

APPA's Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) program funds research, pilot projects, and education on topics such as electric vehicles. DEED members, don’t forget to explore the DEED Project Database to find additional resources.

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Electric Vehicles
Virtual Event
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Electric Vehicles
Sacramento, California
Electric Vehicles
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Electric Vehicles
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Electric Vehicles
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