Distributed Energy Resources

Motivated by environmental concerns and a desire to reduce their electric bills, customers are turning to onsite generation, creating a new two-way relationship with their electric utility. Under its Public Power Forward initiative, APPA provides guidance and resources for public power utilities navigating the realities of distributed generation — retail rate design reform, enhanced customer service, new business partnerships with vendors, and changing customer preferences. The Public Power Forward initiative covers issues related to electric vehicles, energy storage, rate design, smart grid, and solar. Join the Public Power Forward member listserv to discuss distributed generation and other evolving technologies with your colleagues.

APPA's Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) program funds research, pilot projects, and education on topics such as distributed energy resources. DEED members, don’t forget to explore the DEED Project Database to find additional resources.

Distributed Energy Resources
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Distributed Energy Resources
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Distributed Energy Resources
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Distributed Energy Resources
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Distributed Energy Resources