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Communications and Customer Care
A case study on how the public power utility serving Johnson City, Tenn. has maintained high service, headcount, and customer expectations as the industry continues to evolve. How the utility works to build on its standing as a trusted energy and telecommunications adviser that delivers the best value for its customers.
For telecommunications companies, small cell or fifth generation (5G) wireless is the next evolution in their business. Deployment is going to happen, and it is coming fast. The upgrade will ultimately be good for society, but it means that we as utilities need to be interacting with
Disaster Response
The Federal Communications Commission should only allow unlicensed operations in the 6 GHz spectrum band if the Commission adopts more stringent interference protections for co-channel and adjacent channel microwave systems, said a cross-section of public safety and critical infrastructure industries.
Smart Grid
A look at how EPB, a public power utility in Tennessee, continuously innovates to keep up with changing technologies and lifestyles, and to continue to position the Chattanooga community for success.
The American Public Power Association and several other groups are urging the DOE to hold a meeting on a Federal Communications Commission proposal to open the 6 GHz band to unlicensed use, which could lead to significant reliability concerns for the U.S. energy and water sectors.
The American Public Power Association and several other trade groups are voicing concerns over a Federal Communications Commission proposal to open the 6 GHz spectrum band to unlicensed use, saying that they have significant concerns that the proposal could threaten the integrity of their mission-critical communications networks.
Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., introduced legislation that would, among other things, overturn a Federal Communications Commission order that attempts to regulate public power pole attachments despite the clear public power exemption from federal pole attachment regulation set forth in the Communications Act.
Ben Kostick has served as a commissioner of the Lewis County Public Utility District in Washington state since 2007 and serves as chair of the American Public Power Association’s Policy Makers Council . The interview occurred in conjunction with the Policy Makers Council Summer Fly-In meeting in
A recent declaratory ruling and order issued by the Federal Communications Commission that the FCC said could help to remove regulatory barriers that inhibit the deployment of infrastructure necessary for 5G and other advanced wireless services may also result in FCC pole attachment oversight and regulation of public power utilities.
The American Public Power Association is voicing opposition to legislation that would effectively repeal the public power exemption from Federal Communications Commission pole attachment regulations.