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As public power utilities, you answer to your community. Chances are that your chief executive and other compensation may fall prey to criticism at town meetings — especially if others working for your city or community earn considerably less.
An internship program is a good recruiting and retention tool for your utility. Interns are an inexpensive resource. You can evaluate them for fulltime jobs and give them an opportunity to find their career path. It's an excellent way to give back to the community.
Distributed Energy Resources
Moorhead Public Service, based in Minnesota, recently received the Energy Innovator Award from APPA for giving residents what they want: clean solar power. The award-winning, 40-kilowatt (kW) Capture the Sun Community Solar Garden went online in 2015, after public outreach indicated strong support
Through voluntary action, industry and communities can help to restore pollinator habitats and avoid having the monarch butterfly placed on the endangered species list. It is not that expensive or difficult to be part of the solution if we can engage communities to take action — and who better to
Workforce development is more important than ever as Baby Boomers retire. One of the best ways to draw recent grads to the public power industry is to build connections with universities and vocational schools in your community. These partnerships create a pipeline for recent grads to the utility
It has been just over ten years since the North American Electric Reliability Corporation was certified by federal energy regulators as the North American electric reliability organization and in an interview with the American Public Power Association, NERC President and CEO Gerry Cauley detailed