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Distributed Energy Resources
When it comes to solar energy, residential customers want their utilities to serve as a trusted energy advisor and the public power community can point to specific examples of how its utilities are already having success in this area, panelists said at the American Public Power Association's Public
Drones have the potential to cut utilities' damage assessment time in half and restore power to customers much faster. Utility drones can help lower costs and protect public health, safety, and security. We urge the regulators in Washington, D.C. to establish policies that allow safe use of drones
Energy Efficiency
E-Tracker, an innovative high school energy education program funded by the American Public Power Association's DEED program, educates future customers about how the weather influences their families' electricity bills. Discover how the program is improving customer satisfaction and building
Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed utility-scale solar allows utilities to locate electricity generation close to where the loads are heaviest. If you put a PV system near your heaviest users — factories, high-population areas, or heavily loaded substations — you can reduce transmission costs, boost voltage, and improve
Public power utilities generally pay less than investor owned electric utilities. Public power utilities need to pay at least the average of what the rest of the public power pays. Electric utility general managers have nationally transferable skill sets and could easily be lured away by others
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While the American Public Power Association is working hard to ensure that public power's voice is heard in the early days of the Trump administration, we are also keeping a close eye on action further up Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill.