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Energy Efficiency
Let's face it: the electric utility business isn't typically seen as high tech or innovative. But new technologies ranging from the internet of things to rooftop solar and real-time demand response are significantly impacting utility services. Cable television is also experiencing significant change
Distributed Energy Resources
At the first sign of trouble, our community decides to disconnect from the broader grid. Why worry — we live on our own little microgrid with a limitless supply of electricity, right? The problem is that when we disconnect from the main grid, the collective amount of generation in our microgrid is
A broad energy bill supported by the American Public Power Association passed the Senate by a wide margin of 85-12 in late April. The measure, the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, must now be reconciled with an energy bill passed by the House last year.
While we, as an industry, especially public power (municipally-owned and -operated electric utilities), have been very good at providing increasingly more reliable electrical service to our customers, we haven't been as good at communicating what our future needs may be in terms of human capital.
Electricity Markets
Meetings held by the U.S. Department of Energy across the country in April and May gave the public power community a unique opportunity to weigh in on a number of key energy policy matters of importance to public power. More than 10 public power executives took full advantage of that opportunity to
Cybersecurity and Physical Security
Electric Vehicles
There were two major pieces of news in July involving the American Public Power Association and the Department of Energy. The DOE said it will provide APPA with funding for member utility physical and cyber security efforts. Separately, the association and the DOE signed a memorandum of