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Bonds and Financing
You are in the best position to talk to Congress about the direct impact of federal action at the local level.
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Bonds and Financing
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Electricity Markets
For easy printing, download the Wholesale Electricity Markets and Regional Transmission Organizations Issue Brief . Summary Some utilities generate the power they sell to customers, but a good portion of electricity sold to customers is first purchased at wholesale from a third party. In some
Security and Resilience (Cyber and Physical)
PDF: Grid Security Issue Brief . Summary The electric sector has mandatory and enforceable federal regulatory standards in place for cyber and physical security (collectively known as grid security). Close coordination among industry and government partners at all levels is imperative to deterring
PDF: Energy Efficiency Issue Brief. Summary Energy efficiency is one of the most important, cost-saving tools available to utilities to meet energy demand, defer generation investment, and reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions. The federal government creates incentives for energy efficiency