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Bonds and Financing
PDF: Municipal Bonds and Public Power Issue Brief. Summary State and local governments use municipal bonds to finance public infrastructure investments that enable their communities to function and thrive. Tax-exempt municipal bonds have financed $2.5 trillion in new investments in infrastructure
PDF: Nuclear Power Issue Brief. Background Nuclear power is the nation’s largest source of emissions-free electricity, accounting for 50.4 percent of domestic emissions-free electricity generation and 19.7 percent of total electricity generation. There are 93 reactors in 28 states. It is a reliable
Distributed Energy Resources
A one size fits all approach to distributed generation rates won’t work.
For easy printing, download the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act Issue Brief. Summary The Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) was enacted following the energy crisis of the 1970s to encour­age cogeneration and renewable resources and promote competi­tion for electric
Faced with growing concerns about power supply options, some public power communities in the Western U.S. are embracing a new, innovative nuclear technology option by signing on to a small modular reactor (SMR) project in Idaho.
Customer Service
When a large storm sweeps through Lexington, N.C., it can bring down trees and threaten power lines, but it no longer swamps the public power utility’s phone lines. Lexington Utilities in March 2019 began using TextPower to send outage notifications.