Solar Content

Distributed Energy Resources
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced that $5 million is available for projects designed to help integrate renewable energy resources into the state’s electric grid to help make it more resilient.
Distributed Energy Resources
The Sacramento Municipal Utility District recently signed a 30-year power purchase agreement with Lendlease Energy Development for the output from a 160-megawatt solar project on the site of the decommissioned Rancho Seco Nuclear Generation Station.
Community Engagement
Public power utility crews connected more than 200 Navajo Nation families as part of a mutual aid initiative by the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and the American Public Power Association to provide electricity to thousands of Navajo homes that was recently completed.
Grid Modernization
Integrating the digital and physical worlds of the power grid through enterprise asset management can help utilities avoid unplanned equipment downtime that causes longer outages, lost revenue, increased risk, and a loss of performance of company assets.
The Omaha Public Power District’s board recently approved revisions to its strategic plan that increase the utility’s commitment to renewable energy.
Recent scholarly studies cast doubt on whether wind and solar power alone can address global climate change without support from nuclear power. NuScale Power's small modular reactor technology is ideal for public power utilities given its small footprint and other favorable siting features, scalability, compatibility with other energy resources, and its competitive cost.