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The American Public Power Association (Association or APPA) opposes any efforts by Congress to weaken or eliminate the municipal exemption public power utilities have from federal pole attachment regulations. The Association also opposes any efforts by the FCC to circumvent well-established federal
Bonds and Financing
Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, will co-chair the House Municipal Finance Caucus, according to a statement released on Dec. 10 by current caucus co-chairman Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Md. Stivers replaces Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Ill., who failed to win re-election this fall.
Smart Grid
60% of Americans report wanting to live in a smart city. But what does it mean to be a smart city? It is about more than implementing technology, but can include the following factors. Connectedness : Community groups, government entities, and residents can share data, news, and feedback openly and
The New York Power Authority Board of Trustees recently approved $124 million for the initial permitting, engineering, design and procurement of new steel poles and foundations for the planned rebuild of the Power Authority’s major North-South power transmission line.
Electric substations typically are not viewed as works of art designed to pay homage to an area's rich ancestral heritage. The new Cottonwood substation in Farmington, New Mexico, manages to do both while not sacrificing the important functionality needed to serve the community for decades to come.
In an interview, Kevin Nordt, general manager of Grant County PUD in Washington State, detailed how the PUD’s decision to break from the old way of doing business helped the PUD successfully complete a major substation project in two years.
Smart Grid
The electric utility industry is undergoing dramatic change. As new technologies emerge, public power utilities face new customer expectations and new opportunities to use technology to improve services and operations. From handling dynamic load to connecting with equipment and improving reliability
Electric Vehicles
The transportation sector, specifically electric vehicles, is a whole new world for utilities. Indeed, EVs are a whole new world for everyone. In theory, EV charging offers opportunity for public power utilities. As electricity sales otherwise flatten, EVs create new demand. As public power utilitie
Smart Grid
Learn about key issues, best practices, and lessons learned in addressing wireless pole attachment issues from the perspective of a small, mid-size, and large public power utility
Smart Grid
Learn about the recently created Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), and the impacts it might have on your ability to manage poles and other facilities.