Verizon empowers Utilities and Municipalities to solve some of today’s biggest challenges using a powerful combination of advanced networking, IoT, cloud computing, security and device management solutions. Using applications such as intelligent lighting, smart metering, asset tracking and condition-based maintenance, utilities and cities are able to become more efficient, resilient, address aging infrastructure, generate more revenue and better protect the local communities they serve. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions are built on the largest 4G LTE network in the nation to help you work more effectively address specific challenges in your community.

  • Modernizing your infrastructure is easy with Verizon Grid Wide Utility solutions for smart energy. Using an Internet of Things (IoT)-based platform, we combine advanced smart metering technologies with connectivity on the nation’s most-awarded 4G LTE network to give your utility better performance and greater control. With smart infrastructure tools,  actionable insights and near real-time reporting, you gain greater visibility and intelligent insights across your entire grid, helping you deliver services more efficiently,provide potential cost cutting measures, increase customer satisfaction and promote effective conservation efforts.
  • Traditional street-lighting infrastructures can be a huge energy—and financial—drain. Fortunately, now there’s a smarter, cost-effective way. With Verizon Intelligent Lighting, you can remotely operate lights, individually or by group, or program them to turn on, off or dim based on  pre-set definitions. That means lights are on when and where they’re needed, helping to decrease unnecessary truck rolls and while reducing operations and maintenance costs.