Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems is a leading vendor of solutions for North American communications providers with over 800 deployed systems. eLation™, our BSS/OSS solution, includes integrated billing, financials, staking, and mapping. The InnoStream™ MG-TV is our one-platform approach to video solutions such as Middleware, VOD, Cloud DVR, Restart TV, Live Streaming, Conditional Access, and set-top boxes.  The APMAX™ platform provides enhanced voice and hosted business solutions. 

 This trusted Telecommunications Supplier offers:

  • Video over CATV Solutions
  • Video Middleware
  • HLS OTT Live Streaming
  • Conditional Access – InnoCryption Video Encryption
  • Enhanced Video Guide Data
  • OSS Billing and Financials software
  • Automated Staking and Mapping software