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Hendrix and Kerite by Marmon Utility

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Hendrix & Kerite by Marmon Utility have been providing the T&D industry reliable cable for over 200 years, respectively. Hendrix offers Aerial Spacer Cable Systems 15kV to 115kV, Underground Medium Voltage cable 5kV-46kV, High Density Polyethylene Insulators & Molded Accessories. Kerite offers Medium & High Voltage cable 5kV to 138kV- along with Turnkey Cable Services. Together, Hendrix & Kerite offer not just cable, but the expertise in solving unique & common installation issues. Our experience in cable design & on-site installation surpasses industry expectations.

EquipmentAll of our products are proudly made in the United States. We offer compact Aerial Covered Conductor Systems for 15kV – 115kV that improve grid reliability and resiliency, reduce the risk of fire, withstand harsh weather, and minimize environmental impact. Other overhead cable offerings include Tree Wire, along with Tap, Tie and Ground Wire. We also offer High-Density Polyethylene Insulators- Tie Tops, Vise-Tops, Line Post, Clamp Top Line Post, Trunnion Line Post, and Station Line Post- which are lighter, more durable than porcelain and are guaranteed for life. We also manufacture molded accessories including wildlife protection. Our underground offerings include Medium and High Voltage Cable, Subsea Cable, and Specialty Cable.