Experience on Demand

At Experience on Demand, we help our clients solve today’s problems and achieve tomorrow’s opportunities.  We are a management consulting firm serving a broad range of businesses, and we are passionate about helping community-driven organizations.  Our core expertise is assisting business leaders define and execute strategies that improve performance and reduce risk.  Our professional consultants have successfully served all forms of electric utilities across North America, including a large body of work with municipal utilities and joint action agencies.

Areas of Expertise - Are you confronting one or more of these issues?

  • Competitive pressures
  • Heightened expectations for renewable power supply
  • Volatile customer demand and wholesale market prices
  •  Enterprise risks
  • Funding and management of large capital projects
  • Forecasting, planning and analysis complexity
  • Leadership training / staying current with best practices

At Experience on Demand, we recognize the unique qualities of each client, listen carefully to the issues, and leverage proven processes designed to produce the best results in a collaborative style.

Strategic Development and Execution

When it comes to strategic planning, it’s all about alignment, accountability and action. We ask the right questions, utilize our time-tested methodology, and integrate industry best practices to support the creation of an innovative plan. Then we follow up with a disciplined execution process to ensure that your efforts are focused, timely, and achieve the desired results.

Economic and Financial Analysis

Strategy definition and execution works best when accompanied by robust analysis to clarify economic tradeoffs, risks, and capital allocation priorities.  Financial analysis is indispensable to assess funding requirements and options, cash flow, credit utilization, and debt covenant metrics.  By having a better handle on the numbers, business of all types can drive improved performance.

Business Process Improvement

At Experience on Demand, we help clients reach their full potential by designing business processes that align with both organizational and market-driven needs. Our practical solutions feature action plans and implementation schedules designed to produce immediate results.

Supply Chain Optimization

Today’s business organizations face many logistical challenges in a rapidly evolving economy. Our unique optimization process will enable you to master the complexity and uncertainty of your domestic or global supply chains. We dive into each step of the supply chain in order to attack waste and other issues that can limit growth and adversely affect customer satisfaction. In the end, we can help you improve your service levels and enhance your competitive performance.

IT Integration and Alignment

Now more than ever, your organization must carefully manage its technology if you can expect to achieve your business objectives. Experience on Demand can ensure that your investment in technology is properly aligned with the right people and the right practices to create operational efficiency – and ultimately a competitive advantage.

Organizational Effectiveness

People are your most precious resource. But you must align them behind the vision and mission of your business in order to get the most out of that resource. Whether you’re looking to reshape your corporate culture, improve teamwork among staff, or implement a successful training and development program, Experience on Demand can help shape your efforts in a strategic manner.