Distribution System Reliability and Operations Survey and Report

The Distribution System Reliability and Operations Report is based on data provided by APPA’s Distribution System Reliability and Operations Survey. The DSRO survey is conducted every three years (previously biannual). The resulting report provides knowledge on industry-wide practices and delivers useful figures that describe utility methods in many areas of utility operations, including construction.

The previous survey, conducted in 2018 (containing 2017 data), found that wildlife, weather, and unknown causes are the top three causes, on average, of sustained outages. Results like these help utilities to identify issues surrounding reliability and operations on a much larger scale. The analyses in the report provide readers with a tool to expand their understanding of the operations and procedures that lead to distribution system reliability.

We thank those who participated in the previous year’s survey (2018). The more participants, the more practical and robust our analysis will be. The DSRO survey is released in the summer every three years and the report is released in the following winter.

Previous reports: