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Press Release

Response to PREPA request for assistance in restoring power to Puerto Rico

Joint press release: American Public Power Association and Edison Electric Institute

This morning, the American Public Power Association (APPA) and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) received a letter from Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) CEO Ricardo Ramos requesting assistance in bringing resources to Puerto Rico to support power restoration on the island.

“APPA and members of the public power community were pleased to receive today’s letter and the request for additional crews and equipment,” said APPA President and CEO Sue Kelly. “We look forward to working with PREPA, our government partners, and the industry to support the ongoing power restoration process.”

“EEI and our member companies welcome today’s request from PREPA, which now allows our industry on the mainland to fully support the critical power restoration efforts underway in Puerto Rico,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “We are already working with our member companies to mobilize crews, equipment, and technical experts in response to today’s letter.”

“Hurricane Maria caused historic damage to Puerto Rico, and considerable logistical issues remain,” said Kelly. “We know that restoring power to Puerto Rico will be challenging. As the letter outlines, extensive portions of the transmission network in Puerto Rico run through rugged, mountainous terrain with little or no road access. Much of the infrastructure will need to be rebuilt before power can be restored. While this is not a typical restoration process, we are fully committed to overcoming those challenges and bringing our experience and resources to Puerto Rico.”

“EEI looks forward to working with our member companies, APPA and our industry and government partners, and the PREPA team to accelerate the restoration mission and to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico,” added Kuhn.

Read the EEI and APPA response to PREPA’s letter.