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Public Power Approves New Policy Resolutions on Pole Attachments and Transmission Rates

Washington D.C., February 26, 2019—The American Public Power Association’s members approved five new policy resolutions on wildfire mitigation, hydropower offsets, pole attachments, bond modernization, and transmission rates.

The resolutions were approved by the Association’s Legislative & Resolutions Committee at the Association’s 2019 Legislative Rally.

  • Wildfire Mitigation: The Association supports adequate funding for wildfire suppression to ensure that existing forest management programs, including fire and vegetation management practices, have the resources to be implemented effectively as well as to promote forest health and reduce wildfire risk.
  • Hydropower Offsets: The Association urges the Bureau of Reclamation to take prompt and timely action to ensure full crediting to Central Valley Project power customers for overcharges made by the agency for costs associated with the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. The Central Valley Project is a California federal water management project with more than 2,000 megawatts of hydroelectric capacity.
  • Pole Attachments: The Association opposes actions taken by the Federal Communications Commission in its September 26, 2018, report and order to regulate public power pole attachments in contravention of the clear language in section 224 of the Communications Act that precludes the FCC from doing so.
  • Bond Modernization: The Association urges Congress to improve tax-exempt municipal bonds which continue to be the most powerful tool for financing public investments in public infrastructure.
  • Transmission Rates: The Association urges the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to implement and enforce transmission planning, cost recovery, and incentive policies to contain rising transmission costs.