Bonds and Financing
Press Release

New policy resolutions on municipal bonds and more

The American Public Power Association approved new policy resolutions on municipal bonds, the Endangered Species Act, the Federal Power Act, and pole attachments. The resolutions are determined by members and guide the Association’s policy positions.

Four resolutions were approved by the Association’s Legislative & Resolutions Committee at the Association’s 2017 Legislative Rally.

  • Preserve Municipal Bond Financing: Tax-exempt municipal bonds are critical to power system infrastructure investments. The Association will continue to oppose any efforts to tax interest paid on these bonds. Resolution 17-02
  • Reform the Endangered Species Act: The Association supports Congress’s efforts to protect endangered species while ensuring responsible land, resource and water management; however, it feels that the law is due for Congressional review after more than 25 years to make it workable for all stakeholders. Resolution 17-01
  • Federal Power Act Oversight: Vigorous application and enforcement of the Federal Power Act is essential to protect the public interest and ensure just and reasonable rates for transmission costs and energy sales. The Association calls on Congress to examine the administration of the act and how environmental policies and technological changes in power generation and delivery are impacting the federal/state role set out by the act. Resolution 17-03
  • Maintain Exemptions for Pole Attachments: The Association urges Congress to preserve the federal law giving public power utilities local control over pole attachments and to exempt them from related Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations. Resolution 17-04

The full text of all four approved resolutions is available here.