Press Release

Association supports repeal of Clean Power Plan

Statement from Carolyn Slaughter, Director of Environmental Services

The American Public Power Association supports the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. We do need a replacement rule that will allow our community-owned, not-for-profit member public power utilities the flexibility to provide reliable, low-cost electricity to more than 49 million Americans, while protecting the environment.

We believe the Environmental Protection Agency exceeded its statutory authority in issuing the Clean Power Plan, which sought to do too much too quickly. The rule would have created economic inefficiency and imposed unfair costs on consumers.

A replacement to the Clean Power Plan must

  • Be based upon a “best system of emission reduction” that can be applied within the fence line of an electric generating unit.
  • Allow states to make a case-by-case determination for flexible emission limits for certain units.
  • Account for the remaining useful life of an electric generating unit.

We look forward to working with EPA to help craft a revised regulation in the best interest of our members and those they serve.