Distributed Energy Resources

Virginia public power cities seek solar, storage proposals

The Virginia public power cities of Danville and Martinsville, along with Central Virginia Electric Cooperative, are seeking proposals from developers for stand-alone solar, stand-alone energy storage or a combination of solar and storage under a request for proposals issued on May 31.

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative anticipates participation in a total of 10 megawatts (AC) of solar and 2‐3 MW of storage. To accomplish this objective, it may participate in multiple project options.   

Danville anticipates participation in up to two facilities of 2‐3 MW of stand‐alone storage only, while Martinsville is interested in 5 MW (AC) of stand‐alone solar and 5 MW (AC) of solar and 2‐3 MW of storage.

Respondents may provide pricing for a single project or up to all three project options. The RFP participants may award their respective projects to the same respondents, separate respondents or no respondents.

The projects will be located behind the distribution meter at various utility substations, which are detailed in the RFP. The primary function of the projects will be to reduce transmission and capacity demand.

In addition to capacity and transmission cost reduction, the solar generation is expected to reduce the load requirements for Martinsville and Central Virginia Electric Cooperative and provide solar renewable energy certificates.

At this time, the RFP participants do not anticipate storage involvement in the PJM Interconnection ancillary services market.

As part of the RFP, the participants are seeking PPA pricing (on a $/MWh or $/kW month basis, as applicable) to take advantage of the federal investment tax credit. Although the participants are not contemplating ownership at this time, they are interested in exploring a buy‐out option.

Proposals are due July 1, 2019 and additional information is available here.