Distributed Energy Resources

Utah Municipal Power Agency enters solar power agreement

Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) on Sept. 23 said it has entered into an agreement to provide energy to six UMPA member cities from a new solar project.

The new solar project, to be constructed in Juab County, Utah, will be providing 80 MWac energy for member cities within UMPA and represents a capital expenditure of approximately $80 million into the county, UMPA said.

UMPA entered into the agreement with sPower, a Salt Lake City-based renewable energy independent power producer, which will be the owner and operator of the project.

Since 1980, UMPA has been the electrical provider to Provo, Spanish Fork, Nephi, Salem, Manti and Levan. 

UMPA noted that it strives to develop a reliable and economical power supply program in order to meet the electric power and energy needs of its members and said the solar project will allow it to meet this goal in a clean and sustainable way.  

UMPA said that Utah has excellent solar resources, noting that rural Utah has seen nearly 800 MW of solar built in the last five years.