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TVA’s first sustainability report highlights wide range of accomplishments

The Tennessee Valley Authority has published its first sustainability report, which TVA noted offers the public a more transparent, accessible look at the impact of TVA’s everyday activities.

The goal of the sustainability report “is to provide information that transparently and succinctly highlights the energy, environmental, economic and societal impacts of TVA’s everyday activities. As we mature our sustainability reporting program, we will work with stakeholders and communities on what sustainability objectives and metrics are most important to the Valley and how we attain those,” TVA said.

TVA on July 30 noted that the sustainability report highlights TVA’s 2019 performance, including accomplishments including achieving its 20th consecutive year of 99.999 percent power reliability and reduced carbon emissions 55 percent from 2005 levels (and on path to reach 60% in 2020).

The report also notes TVA’s focus on energy affordability with rates better than 70% of the top 100 utilities in the nation and its ranking top among peers for employee safety.

In addition, the report highlights the fact that TVA managed the Tennessee River system to avoid $1.6 billion in flood damage, supported Valley businesses by purchasing $2 billion in products and services and ranked as a top 10 utility in the nation for economic development and job creation.

Other accomplishments include TVA providing environment education programs to more than 10,000 students and supporting more than 340 stewardship projects to enhance natural resources and recreation.

The report is available here.