Distributed Energy Resources

TVA unveils addition of 484 MW of new contracted solar capacity

The Tennessee Valley Authority recently announced the addition of 484 megawatts of new contracted solar capacity since December, an increase of 44%.

The five new projects resulted from TVA’s 2019 request for proposals for renewable energy projects and have been matched to customer requests for new renewable energy.

Issued in April 2019, the RFP called for proposals to develop 200 MW of renewable energy that could be brought online by the end of 2022.

A total of 3,700 MW of offers were received, and 484 MW were selected based on current demand, TVA noted.

In a first for the agency, 200 MW of solar has been contracted by TVA for its REC programs available to Valley consumers, both large and small.

The project was awarded to Origis Energy to construct, own, and operate a solar installation in Lowndes County, Mississippi. The project also includes 200 MWh (or 50 MW for 4 hours) of battery energy storage.

Several additional projects have been contracted under TVA’s new Green Invest program on behalf of large business and industrial customers:

  • Project developer: OPD Energy, MW: 69.3, Location: Simpson Co., KY
  • Project developer: Origis Energy, MW: 100, Location: Obion Co., TN
  • Project developer: Silicon Ranch, MW: Up to 80, Location: Madison Co., TN

The first Green Invest agreement between TVA, Nashville Electric Service, Vanderbilt University, and Silicon Ranch for 35 MW of new solar for the university was announced in January.