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Trump picks Danly to replace Chatterjee as Chairman of FERC

President Donald Trump on Nov. 5 named James Danly as Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He will replace Neil Chatterjee as head of the agency.

Danly has served as a Commissioner since March 2020. Prior to that he served as general counsel to the Commission since joining FERC in 2017.

Chatterjee, who joined the Commission in 2017 and served as Chairman from August to December 2017 and since October 2018, congratulated Danly on his appointment and said the Commission will be well-served by Danly’s leadership.

“During my tenure, we’ve faced challenges like overcoming the significant no-quorum backlog to grappling with an unprecedented global pandemic,” Chatterjee said in a statement.

“But we’ve had a great many achievements as well, including bringing PURPA regulations in line with today’s realities, building out our energy infrastructure and approving LNG terminals, unleashing the power of new technologies like storage and distributed energy resources, and most recently taking groundbreaking action to consider carbon pricing, just to name a few.”

Chatterjee will remain a FERC Commissioner, along with Commissioner Richard Glick.