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Teamwork Highlights Lineworker Rodeo Participation For Greenville’s Utility Director

In an interview with Public Power Current, John Worrell, Director of Electric Systems at
North Carolina’s Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC), detailed how GUC lineworkers have benefitted from participating in the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) lineworkers rodeo, which will take place this year in Austin, Texas.

“Our guys love the teamwork,” Worrell noted. “Their craft is all about teamwork, whether that’s in a bucket or climbing a pole.”

When GUC lineworkers attend the rodeo, “it’s a matter of putting those skills together” through the teamwork they’ve learned in practicing for the event.

GUC lineworkers also benefit from being able to meet up with other lineworkers from across the country and learning “some things from the trade that maybe they weren’t aware of,” he noted.

“They really like spending time with other linemen from across the country and sharing knowledge they've gained through their work experiences.”

This year, GUC is sending about a dozen lineworkers to the rodeo, which will be a mix of journeymen and apprentices.  

The rodeo, which will be held March 25-26 in Austin, Texas, is the foremost showcase of public power lineworker skill and knowledge. At the rodeo, journeyman and apprentice lineworkers compete for professional recognition, attend training courses, and practice essential skills in a safe environment.

Additional details about the rodeo including how to register are available here.