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SRP taps AI to monitor and improve its IT systems

Salt River Project has signed a deal to use artificial intelligence to improve its information technology (IT) operations.

The Phoenix-based public power utility has adopted ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform to monitor all of its IT operations and applications.

“It is a next generation product,” says Joe Kosmal, manager of data center operations at SRP. Compared with legacy monitoring applications that are more device centric, the ScienceLogic system takes “a more holistic view,” he says, moving from reactive software that identifies when something is broken to a proactive system that aims to predict problems before they can have a greater impact.

“Oftentimes there are leading indicators of health before things actually break down, but that is not evident unless there is machine learning” that can capture and identify those indicators, Kosmal says.

SRP uses a network of IT infrastructure and applications to ensure comprehensive, around the clock coverage for roughly one million end-users in a three-county area that includes most of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

SRP will use ScienceLogic’s platform to replace its existing, legacy monitors and a couple of other systems for all its corporate and customer facing IT applications.

Kosmal estimates it will take about six months to fully implement ScienceLogic’s platform into SRP’s IT operations.

At first, the software will monitor SRP’s IT systems, measuring what is normal and reporting on deviations. “Visibility is the first step,” Murali Nemani, ScienceLogic’s chief marketing officer, says. The second step is building a dynamic map of a company’s IT environment in real time. “So, now you see the full picture and get early, predictive insights you can act on to avoid outages and provide a better customer experience,” he says.

For instance, in order to provide quicker response times for customers, IT operations must continuously synchronize the configuration management database (CMDB) with real-time information throughout the monitored environment, so that the CMDB is accurate and up-to-date whenever changes occur. ScienceLogic’s platform will enable SRP to identify inconsistencies across its environment for accurate and enriched problem management, Nemani says. The SL1 platform also enables SRP to leverage its maintenance window for ticket automation, reducing false alerts and boosting the IT operations team’s productivity, he says.

“We are trying to build something that is not only a repository, but that will build relationships between resources and provide actionable information that is not just IT-centric but presents a business sense, as well,” Kosmal says. In the end, the goal is to have a proactive monitoring system that is able to provide value to the business and, ultimately, to the customer, he says.

“We believe ScienceLogic’s core capabilities and strategic vision will help us continue to innovate and deliver the quality of service our customers need and expect,” Kevin Carlson, senior director for information technology services at SRP, said in a statement.