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SRP Substation Troubleman helps save the life of a car crash victim

Salt River Project Substation Troubleman John Boyle recently helped to save the life of a car crash victim in Mesa, Ariz.

Forrest Smith, Deputy Chief for the Mesa Fire and Medical Department, noted during a virtual presentation for a certificate of appreciation given to Boyle that the victim of the car crash was rescued “thanks to the quick actions” of Boyle.

Boyle was performing a line patrol inspection on July 6 when he came upon a car that had crashed into a ravine. When he saw movement in the vehicle he called 911.

“To help identify where the scene is, I am in a marked SRP single cab vehicle on top of the canal,” Boyle told a 911 operator.

Boyle approached the vehicle and administered first aid. He told the car crash victim that help was on the way.

Mary Cameli, Fire Chief for the Mesa Fire and Medical Department, told Boyle that “it’s folks like you that make the difference in terms of taking action when you see something and take the time needed to get us there to the call. You truly, truly made a difference in saving a life.”

“At SRP, we exist to serve our customers, and are stewards of the community,” said Nate Tate, SRP’s Director of Substation Design, Construction and Maintenance. “We take the health and safety of our community very seriously and the actions that you took that day exhibit our values,” Tate told Boyle. “We’re extremely proud of you.”

Boyle also received plaudits for his efforts from Craig Perez, SRP Section Supervisor, and Barry Kropp, SRP Manager of Field Maintenance.

“I’m just really proud of the training that I’ve had to provide situational awareness, public safety, the stewardship of some of the job roles that I have, both as a person, an employee, a community member,” Boyle said.

Boyle received the certificate of appreciation from the City of Mesa, the Mesa Fire and Medical Department and the Mesa Police Department.