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SPP Market Participation Helps Colorado Springs Utilities Save Customers $2.1 million

From August to December 2022, Colorado Springs Utilities saved its customers approximately $2.1 million through its involvement in the Southwest Power Pool’s Western Energy Imbalance Market, the public power utility recently said.

The cost savings were realized thanks to energy-related purchases through the WEIS market that were below Colorado Springs Utilities’ cost to generate electricity locally and market sales of excess power generation.

Colorado Springs Utilities entered the SPP WEIS market in August 2022 to ensure reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure and competitive wholesale electricity prices, it said.

“To realize more than $2 million in cost savings in just five months highlights why we joined SPP WEIS,” said the utility’s CEO Travas Deal. “By participating in shared resource pools like SPP WEIS, we can help maintain system reliability and manage energy costs for our customers – no matter regulatory mandates or market-related pressures.”

SPP’s WEIS helps Colorado Springs Utilities manage current and future energy costs “by having real-time access to the latest market intelligence, enhance the resiliency of its electric grid and help the organization access the lowest cost resources from other member utilities,” the utility said.