Electricity Markets

SPP launches western reliability coordination service

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) launched its western reliability coordination (RC) service Dec. 3.

SPP said that implementation of the western RC service involved establishment of data connections to new customers in the west, buildout of systems and processes to ensure a wide-area view of the entire Western Interconnection’s bulk power system and working closely with customers and other stakeholders to ensure all parties were ready for the Dec. 3 transition.

With the launch of reliability coordination in the west, SPP is laying the foundation for additional services as part of its Western Energy Services portfolio, it said.

SPP currently administers the Western Interconnection Unscheduled Flow Mitigation Plan for six western utilities and in 2021 will launch the Western Energy Imbalance Service (WEIS) market, which, according to SPP, will provide wholesale electricity and enhanced reliability to western participants.

NERC certifies SPP for Western reliability coordination service

SPP on Nov. 15 received certification from the North American Electricity Reliability Corporation for its Western reliability coordination service in the Western Interconnection.

SPP has served as a NERC-certified RC in the Eastern Interconnection since 1997 and is currently one of 10 U.S. RCs in the east. SPP has an RC service territory today that extends from the Canadian border to the Texas panhandle.

Since 2006, SPP has managed four large implementations of RC services representing approximately 40 gigawatts of load.

SPP in June 2018 said that it planned to offer reliability coordination services in the western U.S., specifically the Western Interconnection, starting in late 2019. SPP noted that it had indicated its intent to serve as a reliability coordinator in the west in letters to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council and NERC.

Several public power utilities in the West subsequently agreed to receive RC services from the SPP, along with other utilities.

In April, SPP called on interested utilities and other customers to join in the design and implementation of an energy imbalance market in the West.

NERC certified CAISO as reliability coordinator in the West

In June, NERC certified that the California Independent System Operator can act as reliability coordinator for electricity balancing authorities in Western states and part of Mexico beginning July 1.

The California ISO and SPP are replacing the former reliability coordinator in the western United States, Peak Reliability, which in July 2018 said it would cease operation at the end of 2019.