Distributed Energy Resources

Southern California CCA seeks proposals for storage, renewables

Clean Power Alliance (CPA), a community choice aggregator in Southern California, is soliciting competitive proposals for the purchase of 15-year renewable energy contracts to fulfill CPA’s future energy needs.

Submissions will be split into two tracks:

  • Utility-Scale Track: Renewable portfolio standard-eligible generation or generation plus storage projects in the 10-400 MW range with a commercial operation date no later than 2023; and a
  • Distributed Track:  RPS-eligible, front-of-meter generation, generation plus storage, or stand-alone storage projects sized between 500 kW-10 MW and located with Los Angeles and Ventura counties with a commercial operation date no later than 2024.

The goal of this RFO is for CPA to solicit and evaluate offers for renewable energy in order to meet CPA’s energy procurement obligations, its environmental objectives, and to offer its customers cost-competitive, clean energy options,” CPA said.

Under the RFO’s schedule, proposals will be due Nov. 22, 2019. Power Purchase Agreement negotiations and awards are scheduled to take place over the January-June 2020 timeframe.

The RFO is available here.

The American Public Power Association has initiated a new category of membership for community choice aggregation programs.