Energy Storage

SDG&E plans to add up to 166 MW of storage

San Diego Gas and Electric recently announced plans to add up to 166 megawatts of energy storage via a proposal to the California Public Utilities Commission.

If approved, the proposal would provide energy storage systems to critical need public sector facilities including fire and police stations.

The initial seven projects would be located in San Diego County’s rural and urban areas. As proposed, the plan would be implemented in phases, with all projects coming online by 2024.

The proposal also includes an Energy Storage Customer Program pilot, which would provide incentives to encourage non-profit, low income healthcare facilities including nursing homes, hospices, retirement communities, and group homes for the disabled to purchase energy storage systems.

Pending CPUC approval, investor-owned SDG&E would issue a solicitation to identify a third party to administer the pilot. The company expects to launch the program within one year of CPUC approval.

The proposals were submitted in response to California’s Assembly Bill 2868, which was signed into law in 2016 and allows the company to add distributed energy storage.

By 2030, the company expects to develop or interconnect more than 330 MW of energy storage.