Distributed Energy Resources

Salt River Project Rolls Out Solar Program For Residential, Small Business Customers

Arizona public power utility Salt River Project (SRP) recently unveiled a new program for residential and small business customers interested in supporting large-scale solar energy growth.

Customers enrolled in SRP Solar Choice can choose to offset half or all their energy use with solar energy by paying as little as a half a cent per kilowatt-hour (kWh) on top of their current monthly price plan with SRP.

The program offsets the monthly energy use from enrolled customers’ homes or businesses with energy from SRP’s growing portfolio of utility-scale solar plants around the state.

SRP Solar Choice program replaces SRP’s legacy EarthWise Energy and community solar programs.

With SRP Solar Choice, customers pay a half a cent per kWh premium on top of their current price plan. This price is 50 percent less than SRP’s previous EarthWise Energy program, the utility noted.

For example, if a residential customer uses 1,500 kWh each month and chooses to offset 100 percent of household energy use, the SRP Solar Choice premium the customer pays would be $7.50 for the month. If the same customer chooses to offset fifty percent of energy use, the premium would be $3.75.

Customers who enroll in SRP Solar Choice also have the option to unenroll from the program if they so choose.