Resolutions Approved at Legislative Rally Address Transformer Supply Chain Crisis, Direct Pay Tax Credits

The American Public Power Association’s Legislative and Resolutions Committee on Feb. 28 approved eight policy resolutions during APPA’s 2023 Legislative Rally in Washington, D.C.

The member-sponsored resolutions will guide APPA’s advocacy efforts for 2023 and beyond.

Included among the approved resolutions was one on the supply chain crisis for distribution transformers. In the resolution, APPA urges immediate federal efforts to address the current supply chain crisis for critical grid components, such as transformers, which threatens public power utilities’ ability to provide reliable and affordable power.

Another resolution addresses direct pay tax credits. APPA believes Congress should abandon the indiscriminate, across-the-board spending cuts imposed by sequestration and remove the needless threat of statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act sequestration from refundable direct pay tax credits for public power utilities.

A third resolution approved at the Rally relates to the infrastructure permitting process. APPA is urging federal policymakers to streamline federal permitting and siting rules to help facilitate the construction of energy infrastructure necessary to provide affordable and reliable electricity and to integrate more renewables onto the grid.

The full texts of all eight approved resolutions, including transmission policies, transmission joint ownership opportunities, and other topics, are available on the APPA the Policy Resolutions page.