Energy Efficiency

Report shows that SRP exceeded its energy savings goals

Arizona-based public power utility Salt River Project on Nov. 29 said that a recently completed Fiscal Year 2018 energy efficiency report shows that SRP exceeded its energy savings goals.

SRP said that the total annual incremental energy savings delivered across all energy efficiency programs was 628,467 megawatt-hours.

"Due to the dedication of our customers, partners and employees, SRP exceeded its energy-savings goals as we achieved 106 percent of plan in FY18," said Dan Dreiling, director of SRP Customer Programs. "Over the past 10 years, we have expanded our portfolio of energy efficiency offerings to more than 20 programs, so all customers have choices and opportunities to participate in energy- and cost-savings options."

Dreiling said the programs range from low-cost retail discounts on LED bulbs for residential customers to complex energy retrofits for SRP industrial customers. As a result, the portfolio has helped customers and SRP manage energy consumption and achieve mutually beneficial sustainability goals, SRP noted.

Last year, SRP's residential energy efficiency-programs delivered a combined 165,000 MWh of energy savings, with the Retail Lighting and Energy Star Homes programs leading the way. SRP's Cool Cash AC Rebate and Energy Scorecard programs also contributed significantly, reaching 117 percent and 139 percent of their total annual energy savings goals, respectively.

SRP's commercial energy-efficiency programs provided more than 181,000 MWh of incremental energy savings. Standard Business Solutions, which SRP said is one of its most cost-effective programs with hundreds of eligible rebates, was the leader. Customers completed energy savings projects totaling more than 140,000 MWh of incremental savings, representing 108 percent of the program's FY18 plan. Business customers also took advantage of SRP's Small Business Solutions program, as it too exceeded program goals.

SRP said it is also on track with its goal to deliver 20 percent of expected retail energy requirement through sustainable resources by 2020. In FY18, SRP's sustainable portfolio met its annual target by delivering 17.25 percent of retail requirements through sustainable resources. The energy efficiency portfolio contributed more than half to that total.

SRP also recently released its 2035 sustainability goals, which contain several pillars: carbon emissions reductions, water resiliency, supply chain and waste reduction, grid modernization and customer and employee engagement and community involvement. To view the complete report, visit

Dreiling noted that for the fifth straight year, SRP received the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award from the Environmental Protection Agency for the outstanding design and implementation of several ENERGY STAR-aligned programs.