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Puerto Rico Sees Power Restoration Progress Over the Weekend

LUMA Energy reported that as part of ongoing Puerto Rico Hurricane Fiona recovery efforts, approximately 50 percent, or 732,324 of customers had their power restored as of Saturday, Sept. 24.

LUMA said that it has continued conducting damage assessments and critical repairs, and has been focusing on connecting critical customers, such as hospitals and other essential services.

As part of combined restoration efforts, LUMA continues to coordinate with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). and other private generation operators to reenergize critical generation facilities and increase the amount of available generation so LUMA can restore service to more customers.

Along with approximately 50% of customers restored as of Sept. 24, LUMA reported:

  • 88% of 230 kV power lines restored
  • 83% of 115 kV power lines restored
  • 67% of 38 kV power lines restored
  • 818 miles of transmission power lines restored
  • 105 hospitals restored
  • 31 The Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewers Authority facilities energized

In June 2020, PREPA and the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnership Authority selected LUMA Energy to operate, maintain and modernize the electricity transmission and distribution system of PREPA for fifteen years through a public-private partnership.