Disaster Response and Mutual Aid

Puerto Rico Power Restoration Efforts Continue to Advance

LUMA Energy announced that as of the morning of Oct. 7, it had restored electric service to 1,422,884 customers, or 97% of total customers across Puerto Rico following Hurricane Fiona.

LUMA said continues to make progress restoring power to customers in the hardest hit regions, and is estimating to meet 90% restoration between October 7 and 8 in the Mayag├╝ez service region despite extensive damage, ongoing rain and severe weather, washed out roads, and steep terrain which crews can only access by helicopter.

To date, LUMA has more than 800 field workers in the hardest hit areas focused on restoring power and making critical repairs to damaged electric infrastructure.

LUMA has also fully restored service to 100% of hospitals, and 96% of all PRASA water facilities.