Public power workers are on the front lines to power America

We stay working so you can stay safe at home.

  • Powering Essential Services. Power plant operators are still going to work to generate power for the healthcare facilities, grocery stores and homes, supporting friends and neighbors.
  • Maintaining the System. Your hometown lineworkers continue to do critical repairs and maintenance to prevent outages or quickly restore power to your home.
  • Powering Your Home Office. Public power utilities work with government leaders to limit disruptions, so you can stay on top of your work.
  • Ready to Respond. Customer service representatives remain on call for you to connect with your utility as needed.
  • Powering Appliances. Public power utilities sync up with other municipal utilities, like water and gas, to make sure you have electricity to prepare meals.
  • Working for You. Public power utilities have enacted emergency preparedness plans to free up tools and resources that keep the lights on.


infographic on essential nature of public power work