Electric Vehicles

Public Power Utilities Can Share Free EV Education With Teachers Through January

For a limited time, share free electric vehicle education with school administrators and teachers/instructors in your town or city. Thanks to a national STEM education partnership with Electrify America, the National Energy Foundation (NEF) is delivering programs for 6th to 12th grade and post-secondary students through January 2022. This opportunity is available in all communities outside California.

The 6th to 12th grade program, rEV, brings awareness to the benefits and future of EVs through a multimedia curriculum that puts students in the driver's seat. Share this registration link with high schools in your area.

The post-secondary webinar, “EVs Need You,” explores EV history and technology alongside career opportunities with students learning in energy and automotive technical fields. Share this registration link with post-secondary schools in your area and your utility’s internship program.

If you would like your schools to receive these free programs, contact NEF today at [email protected] or (801) 327-9500 ext. 118. Or share information about these programs with your school contacts using these fliers (rEV | EVs Need YOU) and the links above.