Community Engagement

Public power supports local economies


Infographic on how public power utilities support economic growth

A study of 188 public power utilities found that they gave a median of 5.6% of electric operating revenues back to their communities, which is 27% more than investor-owned utilities pay in taxes to the communities they serve.

Among utilities with $100 million or more in revenue, public power utilities gave a median of 6.2% of revenues, compared to 4.6% paid by IOUs.

171 public power utilities cumulatively contributed more than $1 billion to state and local government in 2016.

These funds directly support the community, and include:

  • payments in lieu of taxes;
  • free or reduced costs for lighting streets, parks, and other public facilities; and
  • using employees or other utility resources for electrical repairs, tree trimming, or temporary lighting displays.

Source: Public Power Pays Back, American Public Power Association, March 2018