Cybersecurity and Physical Security

Protect customers from next-generation scams

With fast-evolving technology, protecting customers from scams can be a moving target. Customers in Arizona and Missouri were recently targeted by scammers who contacted them by phone, impersonating the utility's phone messaging system. Here are three tips to help keep your customers safe.

1) Communicate
Warn customers about scam tactics early and often. As soon as a threat is known, it should be shared. Also, safety strategies can be shared proactively. Make sure your customers know what a scam looks and sounds like — and that the utility will never ask them for certain information over the phone or through email.

2) Support
Let your customers know they can always contact you if they're uncertain about any communication that seems to be coming from their utility. Encourage them to do so.

3) Get Help
Make sure your customers know where to turn to file complaints about scams and fraud. The Federal Trade Commission is the nation's consumer protection agency. Help is also available at the state and local level.