Community Engagement

Please participate in APPA’s triennial members survey

The American Public Power Association (APPA) has contracted with GreatBlue Research to conduct our triennial members survey. Researchers will begin outreach to APPA members on Wednesday, June 2, for a brief (approximately 15 minutes) survey by email and phone to help us assess awareness, perception, and satisfaction with APPA, our programs, and our resources.  

GreatBlue is only surveying public power utility members of APPA. This survey is strictly confidential and only the total results from all respondents surveyed will be shared with APPA.

Questions include ranking policy issue areas, educational and training preferences, ranking technical services and programs, and preferences for news and information. They also include open-ended questions to help us better understand your needs and areas of focus.

Results will be used to gauge and evaluate what our members value the most, and where APPA can help you.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this survey and welcome your feedback.