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Platte River, owner communities sign new contract

Platte River Power Authority’s owner communities on May 30 signed an extension to the organic contract initially executed in 1975 that established Platte River as a political subdivision authorized to provide wholesale power to its owner communities.

The action extends the life of Platte River through 2060.

Platte River Power Authority is a not-for-profit wholesale electricity generation and transmission provider that delivers energy and services to its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland, Colorado for delivery to their utility customers.

New power supply agreements were also executed on May 30, running concurrently with the organic contract.

The power supply agreements are the agreements under which Platte River provides power to the owner communities. Extending the agreements through 2060 will provide long-term stability for Platte River to make needed business decisions, Platte River said.

Changes to the power supply agreements include:

  • A provision allowing third-party energy providers to site solar generating capacity on customer property and to sell output to the customer;
  • Changing the metering point at substations to prepare for a wholesale electricity market;
  • Creating a mechanism for routine updating of the power supply agreements to reflect changes in the electric industry; and
  • Updating the description of the delivery substations

The updated power supply agreements “will now enable our owner communities to provide their customers with greater energy resource flexibility and help us pursue opportunities with a regional energy market, which is necessary to achieve our non-carbon energy goals,” said Jason Frisbie, general manager and CEO of Platte River.