Energy Efficiency

Ohio city taps AMP program for energy efficiency services

The City of Painesville, Ohio, has formed a partnership with Efficiency Smart to provide energy efficiency services for Painesville Municipal Electric customers.

Efficiency Smart is administered for American Municipal Power (AMP) by Vermont Energy Investment Corp. Efficiency Smart’s operations are based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2011, it has served 58 of AMP's member utilities in Delaware, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Efficiency Smart notes on its website.

Painesville’s public power utility expects to save about 2,641 MWh of energy over the course of its three-year contract with Efficiency Smart and to reduce its summer peak by 935 kW.

“Our goal is to help our customers lower their electric bills,” Monica Irelan Dupee, Painesville city manager, said in a statement. “The most effective way we can help our community save on their electric bills is through energy efficiency education and services. It’s a win for our customers, a win for our electrical system, and a win for our environment.”

Efficiency Smart offers several services and financial incentives designed to help residents and businesses reduce their electric use and save money.

Efficiency Smart’s residential services include initiatives that promote sustainable efficient product use and increased energy efficiency, as well as discounts on energy-efficient lighting, rebates for energy saving appliances, and guidance on reducing electric use.

Efficiency Smart recently introduced a $100 rebate on qualifying air source heat pumps and a $750 rebate on qualifying cold climate air source heat pumps for Painesville Municipal Electric customers.

For businesses, Efficiency Smart offers hands-on support, including technical assistance and financial incentives to encourage the installation of energy-efficient technologies for lighting, compressed air and heating and cooling.

Efficiency Smart offers member utilities a selection of energy efficiency programs at a variety of prices, ranging from comprehensive services with energy savings performance guarantees to individual services aimed at delivering savings for specific market sectors.

Comprehensive services include rebates for energy-efficient residential products, free removal of inefficient refrigerators and freezers, and rebates for small to midsize businesses. The company also offers technical assistance, account management services, and customized incentives for commercial and industrial customers.

The city of Painesville estimates that a customer that installs 10 LED lights could save $40 on their electric bill over a year of $150 by swapping out an older refrigerator for a newer, more efficient model.

“The city has shown a commitment to energy efficiency, which is a very cost-effective way for communities to reduce their customers’ electric bills, reduce power supply costs, and contribute to local economic development,” Sean Clement, director of operations for Efficiency Smart, said in a statement.

Additional information about Efficiency Smart is available here. Further details on Efficiency Smart’s partnership with Painesville is available here.

Along with Efficiency Smart, Vermont Energy Investment Corp. administers two other large-scale energy efficiency utilities: Efficiency Vermont and the DC Sustainable Energy Utility.