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Officials Gather for Carbon Capture Project Groundbreaking at City, Water, Light, and Power Site

Officials from the University of Illinois, the City of Springfield, Ill., the state of Illinois, and the U.S. Department of Energy in December gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony for a 10-megawatt carbon capture project at City, Water, Light, and Power’s Dallman Unit 4 in Springfield, Ill.

The ceremony kicked off Phase III build and construction for the carbon capture system to process the Dallman Unit 4 flue gas and is recognized as one of the world’s largest carbon capture pilots.

DOE has allocated $47 million for this final phase to complete the project. The state of Illinois has committed an additional $20 million.

DOE cited the successful construction and operation of the Dallman Unit 4 test plant as a means to demonstrate economic carbon-capture technology and help enable commercialization of the technology.

The Prairie Research Institute projects the construction and operation of the Dallman Unit 4 carbon capture facility will have a regional economic impact for construction and jobs of $47.1 million and will generate tax revenue of $5.6 million.