Energy Efficiency

NYPA to deploy artificial intelligence-based application

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has selected C3 IoT to provide a software platform to help the Power Authority and the state implement and meet its energy efficiency targets.

Under a multi-year, software-as-a-service agreement, NYPA will deploy C3 Energy Management, C3 IoT’s, artificial intelligence-based application, as part of New York Energy Manager, NYPA's advanced, secure energy management center, headquartered in Albany, N.Y. It provides public and private facility operators across New York State with timely data on energy use.

“Our partnership with C3 IoT is an important step in NYPA’s journey to become the nation’s first end-to-end digital utility,” Gil Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO, said in a statement.

NYPA estimates the New York Energy Manager program will expand to 20,000 buildings by 2020.

In late April, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an acceleration of New York’s energy efficiency program that he said would deliver nearly one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to meet New York’s climate goal of a 40% GHG reduction by 2030.

NYPA’s energy efficiency program also is part of the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy.

The program will help New York meet its target of reaching annual efficiency savings of 3% of investor-owned utility sales by 2025, which includes efficiency gains reported across IOU and state-supported efficiency programs, NYPA spokesman Paul DeMichele said.

The state’s new energy efficiency targets also incentivize building owners to pursue improvements to reduce energy consumption by 185 trillion British thermal units below forecasted energy use in 2025.

According to NYPA, New Yorkers pay about $35 billion a year for electricity and heating fuels. NYPA says buildings are responsible for 59% of statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

The New York Energy Manager program is now focused on large public and private facilities such as those belonging to the State University of New York system.

Under the program, NYPA monitors building use and provides suggestions for improvements. “The C3 IoT partnership will enhance NYPA’s ability to analyze that data,” DeMichele said.

The power authority also plans to “enhance and step up” the New York Energy Manager program, DeMichele said. Right now, it mostly includes state facilities, but the state will look to expand the program to include more local and municipal buildings, as well as private facilities in the future, he said.

The C3 Energy Management application enables the New York Energy Manager program to aggregate enormous volumes of data, including real-time data from smart meters, building management systems, end-use equipment controls, sensors, weather data, occupancy and daylight data, solar data, and utility bills.

C3 IoT says the application will allow the New York Energy Manager program to employ machine learning at scale, generate insights about individual customers’ energy usage, and deliver personalized recommendations to help customers reduce their energy use.

The company says the software will allow the power authority to offer its customers services such as building energy load forecasting, fault detection and diagnostics, continuous optimization of energy use, dynamic demand response, solar and energy storage monitoring, and aggregation and dispatch of buildings as distributed energy resources.